For Women “From My Heart”

“From My Heart” is a series of articles that I felt the Lord wanted me to share with women my own age. These posts are reflections of things God has taught me over the years. I pray they might be a blessing to you as well!

Prayer Letter Update – March 2017

Dear Friends, When I think of how businesses are run with all the planning, organizing, and hard work that goes into making them successful, I am grateful to God for how He has put my missionary ministry together! His Word is my sure blueprint for life and ministry. My home …

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Prayer Letter Update – December 2016

Dear Friends, As I write this letter, I think of the times we live in today. Information and technology is ever growing. There are so many “voices” of counsel coming from the Internet, TV, schools, teachers, books, family, friends, organizations, etc. With so many ideas and beliefs, I am even …

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Prayer Letter Update – August 2016

Dear Friends, How I praise the LORD for His goodness each day and for your faithful prayers! It is a blessing to see Him supply each need, and further this work! Purchased a Vehicle! – Through all your generous gifts I was able to buy a nice 2010 Chevy HHR. …

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