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Nicole Condra is a second-generation missionary to the deaf. She grew up knowing sign language and working with deaf people alongside her parents, Reed and Donna Condra. When once asked about her specific call into deaf missions, Nicole thought and replied, “I don’t ever remember a time when God called me out of deaf missions.”
Some of Nicole’s earliest memories center around traveling… to deaf conferences, deaf camps, deaf revivals, and deaf missions fields. She has always been mobile, living in travel trailers, prophets’ chambers, campgrounds, and even for some years on her parents’ mission boat “Heart of Gold.”
As a young girl, Nicole asked Jesus Christ to be her Savior, and has kept a burden for others to know Him too. In the year 2000, Nicole returned with her parents to America from their work in Nassau, Bahamas. Then, in 2004, she was asked by leaders of Silent Word Ministries to serve as a home-office missionary. This she did for 6 years,… taking care of reception work, production of literature, shipping and receiving, and a long list of tasks that helped other missionaries to be out on their fields working with the deaf. During her time as a home-office missionary, Nicole completed SWM’s three-year Bible College program for missionaries and realized a growing conviction that the Lord wanted her life to be given in foreign missions.
Nicole resigned her office responsibilities in 2011 and focused on further training to prepare her for the foreign field. She purposely involved herself in ministries which included: deaf ministry at Piney Grove Baptist Church (Trenton, Georgia, Pastor John Smith), Deaf Culture and American Sign Language classes at Harvest Deaf Bible College (Ringgold, Georgia, Dr. Reggie Remple, Founder/President), leading a Reformers Unanimous ladies’ group (Stanley Heights Baptist, Ringgold, Georgia, Pastor Brent Baughman), additional American Sign Language classes (SWM, Brother Jon Barr, President / Instructor), teaching American Sign Language classes (Dade County Elementary Schools and Dade County home-schooler group), “Camp BIMI” Basic International Missionary Institute(Baptist International Missions, Inc., Chattanooga, Tennessee, Brother Jerry Baughman, Program Director), Missionary Linguistics Training (Baptist Bible Translators Institute, Bowie, Texas, Dr. Rex Cobb, Director), and Child Evangelism Training & Inner-City Outreach (Child Evangelism Fellowship of Eastern Pennsylvania, Mable Ruth Wray, Director).
Besides growing up on a foreign field and her time in stateside ministry, Nicole has also traveled alone throughout Romania. There she located deaf people and introduced deaf ministry to churches, national pastors, and missionaries. In Romania, she received a deeper and abiding desire to be back “foreign” permanently. It is Nicole’s desire to facilitate deaf ministries on many mission fields where, even till now, there are none.
Besides the above leaders who have invested in Nicole’s life, there are some who have especially guided her and who stand behind her as she ventures out. They are: Reed & Donna Condra, (Her parents), Dr. Ted Camp & Carlene Camp, (Co-Founders, Director of SWM), Jon & Diane Barr (Missionaries / President of SWM), and David & Vicki Bennett (Missionaries / Director of SWM International). For all these, she is grateful.
Nicole desires your prayer as she serves in pre-field ministry, raising her support to return to Romania. Should you desire to contact her for information or to schedule a meeting, Nicole may be reached at: Silent Word Ministries Mission Board, PO Box 889, Trenton, Georgia 30752 (Phone 706 657-8000), by email at nicole@swmi.org, or on her cell phone at (423) 883-4889. Thank You & May God Bless!