Recommended Books

1. The Pursuit of God – A. W. Tozer
This book is one of my top favorite! If you can make it through the first chapter with a humble heart it will be a great blessing!
2. Knowledge of the Holy – A. W. Tozer
Knowledge of the Holy is a book that I re-read periodically. It is an excellent reminder to me of the many things God is! Delve into this book and be refreshed and amazed again at who God is as you take a look at His different attributes! Ponder His greatness…and be challenged to walk closer with Him.
3. Brokenness, The Heart God Revives – Nancy Leigh Demoss
There are times in my life where I long for more of God. I want to see His power more. I want to see Him working more. I want a closer fellowship. I want more joy. This book helped me so much! It was practical, encouraging, and presented the truth of God in a way that was easily understood. I keep going back to this book!
4. Lies Woman Believe – Nancy Leigh Demoss
How do I know if I am believing a lie? This book helped me discover which lies I believed. It also encouraged my heart with many truths of God’s Word, so that I could resist these lies and change my thinking! One of my absolute favorite books!
5. Amy Carmichael of Dohnavur – Frank L. Houghton
In this biography of missionary Amy Carmichael I was moved by her drive to know Jesus and be like Him. When was the last time we heard God speak to us? Could it be that we have neglected to follow our Lord like a true disciples? Join Amy in her walk with God and see what you may discover about yourself and about Jesus!
6. Tortured For Christ – Richard Wurmbrand
I believe there are many Christians who need to read this book or a book like it! Hebrews 13:3 came alive for me like never before. Prior to this book I had not intentionally concerned myself much with my brothers and sisters in Christ who suffer greatly for Him. Never has a book caused me to weep like this one did. It has greatly influenced me to pray more, give more, and to memorize more of God’s Word. I do not know if one day I too will face prison and persecution…with no Bible but that which is in my heart.