Prayer Letter – June 2020

Greetings Friends,
How many people in our world know what it is like to have a friend who is always near and who is always good and kind? Every Christian has Christ as his Faithful Friend. It is a wonderful thing! I praise the Lord for His love and for bringing me to Romania to see deaf people reached for Christ! How thankful I am to be on this journey with this Faithful Friend!
Since age four, I have known the Savior. One December day while out on a playground, God gave me understanding of His Word, and I trusted Him. Oh how thankful I am to be His child! I will never burn in Hell! Not for one minute. Not for millions of years. Not for eternity.
When I get weary in this world, I often think of the home that God has made for me in Heaven. This brings strength. I praise Him for the Word which leads and comforts in trials! This Word is my greatest joy!
I am thankful for God’s goodness in each step of life. Challenges and adjustments in life allow me to dig deeper into the rich goodness of God. Since moving overseas, I’ve experienced what it is like to live alone in a large city and to not understand or communicate well as I learn a new language. Also, I have experienced what it is like when simple tasks sometimes take two or three times the amount of time to complete (because of the language barrier and having to learn how things are done in a different country). After arriving in Romania, another challenging experience came as the church here in Timisoara went through a split. This was hard to watch, and it is still hard. Our church continues to go on despite the split, and I am thankful for several good changes that have been made. Please pray for the church body to grow in holiness and unity.
I praise God for providing material needs! Not one thing has been lacking. Many of you, both individuals and churches have asked if I need anything, if I need more support, if I have any new prayer requests, etc. Thank you for your kindness! How grateful I am to God for His great provision through you!
Thank you also to all who prayed and are praying for my language school studies. God has provided me with a good language tutor who is also a local pastor’s wife! She is a great help to me. My lessons are online now due to restrictions related to COVID-19. Romania has reopened certain businesses and has also eased some of the restrictive guidelines. It is so nice to be “free” again!
I met two more deaf people! One of them, a young man named Carol, knew American Sign Language, so he and I were able to communicate fairly well in a mix of Romanian and American Sign Language. His friend, a young woman, did not know American Sign Language. I gave them a DVD tract which contained a presentation of the Gospel both in gestures and pictures as well as in American Sign Language. Please pray for their salvation!
Please continue to pray for me to grow in wisdom and understanding of God’s Word and of the Romanian language. Also pray for God to continue preparing hearts of Deaf people to receive truth.
For His Glory,
Nicole Condra