Prayer Letter – December 2016

Dear Friends,

As I write this letter, I think of the times we live in today. Information and technology is ever growing. There are so many “voices” of counsel coming from the Internet, TV, schools, teachers, books, family, friends, organizations, etc. With so many ideas and beliefs, I am even more thankful to have Christ, the one unfailing source of Truth!

Travel – These pasts two months have been good with mission conferences and meetings in Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia. One of my favorite speaking opportunities was teaching an Awana kids class. Since I trusted Christ as a four year old, I know the power of God’s Word to reach little hearts and call them to Himself and to His work! I do pray these days in pre-field ministry will help prepare the way for future workers in the mission field.

Home – Having meetings in the tri-state area has allowed me to be home and have more time with family! I like this so much! I have spent quality time talking and reading stories to my two nephews (ages two and four). Also I was present for the birth of my first niece! My youngest brother also got married, so our Condra family continues to grow! I hope and pray to some day see this next generation serving the Lord in life and ministry. How thankful I am for the work God has done in my parents’ lives and for the example they set! This godly heritage continues to be a blessing as it is passed down to kids and grandkids.

SupportMy missions support level is now at 57%. One new church voted to take me on for double their normal support! Also, another ladies group has begun partnering with me. Prayer support continues too, as individuals take time to pray with me personally or to call and check up on details of the ministry. What a blessing this has been!

Discipleship RetreatDecember 26 to 31 Silent Word Ministries International is having a Deliberate Discipleship Retreat. This will be a special time of study in God’s Word and fellowship. I am so looking forward to the last week in December! Please pray for the retreat, that God would lead and bless this time as we learn how to more effectively disciple others! Thank you for your prayers and support during 2016! May Christ’s name continue to be lifted high

Praises – Once church gave financially to help me purchase Bible Visuals for the Deaf work in Romania. Also my “Outfit and Passage Fund” is growing each month!

Thank you for your prayers and support during 2016!

May Christ’s name continue to be lifted high,

Nicole Condra