Prayer Letter – December 2017

Dear Friends,
Travels – What a busy time these past few months have been! Travels took
me to seven states as I presented my ministry in multiple churches. Five new
churches took me on for mission support, which now brings me up to 66%. I
am working to raise the last 34% as soon as possible.
Training – During my travels I trained under David and Vicki Bennett
(SWMI’s International director and his wife) while they recruited at a Bible
college. This was an exciting time for me because I learned how to more
effectively disciple and share a missionary vision with college students.
Please pray with me in asking God to raise up more missionary laborers to
reach deaf souls around the world! I trust God will bless our time of recruiting,
and I look forward to seeing students from this college join us in future days!
Preparing to Teach Romanian Deaf – While not on the road, I have been
studying through Bible lessons which I plan to use in teaching deaf people in
Romania. There are forty-eight lessons, and I have studied through nine
with a neighbor of mine. I am working to finish going through these
lessons before my move to Romania.
Discipleship Retreat – December 26-Jan 3 I will attend my 2nd SWMI
discipleship program of the year! We will be learning more about the
spiritual gifts God has placed in the Body of Christ and how we as
Christians can better serve Christ and one another.
Looking AheadThis coming year I look forward to finishing deputation!
Pre-field ministry has been a wonderful preparation and training time for
me. SWMI continues to challenge missionaries to keep growing and learning
as we serve. I am thankful to God for the team He has placed me with and for
the opportunity to reach deaf people for His glory!
Thank you for your faithful prayers and support!
Nicole Condra