Prayer Letter – July 2018

Dear Friends,
Hope you are doing well in His tender care! In this letter I want to share with you a brief recap of how God led me to pursue mission work with deaf people in Romania.
Called to Romania – As a little girl I wanted to be a bullfighter when I grew up. Then I changed my mind and wanted to be a firefighter, and then a policewoman. I also thought I might go to Africa and reach a remote tribal group because, bugs, dirt, and the unknown didn’t bother me! Mission work in Eastern Europe was definitely not in my mind. As a young adult I met and became friends with a young Romanian woman at a Bible college. God used her to draw my attention to her country. Around this time God was working in my life in various areas of surrender, like my time (what I watched and read in my free time), my money (spending more carefully), and my heart (how I spent my time, attention, and affections). When all was surrendered, God spoke to my heart and said, “Go to Romania.”
First Trip to Romania – In just a few months I was on my way to Romania for a four and a half month survey trip. There, I visited and stayed with twelve different missionaries. Things I saw in Romania stirred my heart. I saw deaf teens and young adults who needed someone to start evangelistic Bible studies with them. I saw deaf children who could be reached through children’s club or Sunday School, or camp. I saw a little 7-year-old deaf boy named Iulian who needed someone to teach him a language as he had never been to school, didn’t know signs, and didn’t know about God. I saw Christian deaf leaders who could use further discipleship and training. I saw a Bible college for hearing men and women but wondered if one day there might be a place where deaf people could study the Bible and be trained.
Prayers for Romania – Much can change for deaf people of Romania through God’s power and His people. I continue to pray for God’s wisdom and strength as I finish my ministry fundraising and prepare for future work there. Would you pray with me that God would raise up godly men and women to reach deaf people in Romania!
Brief Ministry Update – Deputation is going well as I work to book more meetings, study, travel, and speak in churches. My support is now at 71%. Thank you for your faithful prayers! Silent Word Ministries International had their annual Focus Seminar (June 4-6). This year we had a great time studying Deaf Church Planting and Deaf Ministry Philosophy and Methodology. It is a blessing to have a mission board that is so involved in helping prepare each missionary for the field.
Thank you for your part in this work!
By His Stength,
Nicole Condra