Prayer Letter – March 2017

Dear Friends,

When I think of how businesses are run with all the planning, organizing, and hard work that goes into making them successful, I am grateful to God for how He has put my missionary ministry together!

His Word is my sure blueprint for life and ministry. My home church offers love and assistance like Phebe received in Acts 16. My parents, who understand missions and ministry, are a regular source of wisdom and offer a listening ear whenever I need it. My mission board, Silent Word Ministries International, is a wealth of encouragement and counsel for ministry. Then there are many churches and individuals who pray and give. I am just one person. But when I see all the people God has brought together in this ministry, I am amazed! THANK YOU for being part of my work with the Deaf!

Below is a brief update from the past few months:

  • Thank you for praying for the Deliberate Discipleship Retreat! I had a wonderful time putting more into my ministry toolbox! We discussed prayer, practical tips on discipling, ways to study and mediate in God’s Word, fasting, necessity of rest, examples from godly Christian leaders, and much more.

  • Praise the Lord for three new supporting churches and one new individual supporter. My support level is now at 60%.

  • Spent a day at a pro-life center gathering information to help with ministry among women. Abortion is a serious issue in Romania as it is in many countries.

  • Found a good bank that will meet my ministry banking needs when I move overseas.

  • Praise the Lord, my “Outfit and Passage” has been fully raised! This includes cost for travel to Romania, visa, housing setup, etc. Please continue to pray with me as I raise the remaining 40% support needed before moving to Romania.