Prayer Letter – March 2018

Dear Friends,

I feel so blessed to have you as ministry partners and to serve the Lord together in missions!

Answered Prayer – In my last letter I asked for prayer that God would open more opportunities for me to talk and pray with young people about life and missions. He has answered that prayer in multiple ways. The past few months I have talked with young adults about life and missions either in person, by phone, or through email. I also had an opportunity to Skype with one Christian college prayer band, speak at a Christian school, and present missions to an AWANA group.

Deputation – A Slice of Life – At one recent meeting I was asked, “Is it hard for you to travel on deputation by yourself?” I answered that I do tire from long trips but that I enjoy the work God has given me. My favorite parts of meetings are the times of speaking, teaching, and investing spiritually in the lives of others. After a meeting is finished I enjoy the quiet of my car. It is nice to have extra time to think, meditate, and talk to the Lord. Also I like listening to sermons, lectures, and the Bible. Deputation has been a great experience! I look forward to what He will do the rest of this year and in coming days in Romania!

Deputation Update –  This year I have spoken in three mission conferences and have another one coming up this week! Three more churches have taken me on for support, so I now have 68% of my support.  Please continue to pray with me that God would provide more church partners to reach my 100% support level. I already have a very good church support base and look forward to God adding other churches to that financial base! Thank you for your prayers!

Language School Preparation – Upon arrival in Romania, I will begin language school in the city of Timisoara. In preparation for that time, I am currently reviewing grammar terminology and rules to enhance my language studies.

Praises – Child Evangelism Fellowship of Eastern PA, raised and gave me $7,000 for a translation / printing project which is planned for after I arrive in Romania!

A Personal Blessing – My Grandma – I have one living grandparent. She lives in Michigan. Every now and then we talk on the phone about family, health, weather, missions and God. We almost always end our phone conversation in prayer. Three of my favorite things to do with Grandma are, singing old hymns, praying together, and eating big breakfasts (loaded veggie and cheese omelets with cinnamon toast and coffee). I am so thankful for my Grandmother, who through her prayers and love, partners in this work with me!

Thank you also for partnering with me through your prayers and encouragement!

By His Strength,

Nicole Condra