Prayer Letter – March / April 2015

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your support and care during this past year! The Lord has been so kind to me. Let me share with you a brief review of 2014.

  • Had the opportunity to speak about missions in a youth meeting and in multiple classes at a Christian school

  • Taught sign language classes at two of SWM’s annual meetings

  • Visited many churches and gained 11 new supporting churches

  • Spoke on missions during a week of Child Evangelism Camp

  • Recruited for SWM International at two Christian colleges

  • Saw my vehicle fund grow from $1,180 to $5,930

  • Gained prayer support from several sweet people

2015 – In February I was up north for a couple weeks, visiting and speaking in churches. I noticed that giving out a tract in the southern Bible Belt is quiet often accepted by the public, but up north it seems to be more of a challenge! The young cashier at a store in Pennsylvania was not interested at all in the gospel. The lady who took my order at Panera Bread was rather cool, but at the same time watched me closely. The toll booth attendant on the way to Maryland said she received many gospel tracts, and the young service man at a gas station in New Jersey said, “I wonder why people keep giving me these tracts…I mean, do I look like a bad person?” Though I do not like being turned down, it is a joy to my heart to reach just one more person for Christ, be it through a tract or a conversation. I try to remind myself that every soul is a mission field.

I ask myself, “Am I being the ‘look on His face,’ the ‘touch of His hands,’ or the ‘tone of His voice’?” I pray this year that more people will see Jesus through my life!

Thank you all for keeping the Deaf of Romania and me in your prayers!

Nicole Condra

Three new churches have taken me on for support!
My support level is now at 25 percent.

My car fund continues to grow! It is now at $5,930. I still need to raise the remaining $4,070 to reach the goal suggested by my board.