Prayer Letter Update – Sept / Oct 2013

Dear Friends,

Recently while reading in Matthew, I was again amazed that God would send His only Son to earth to live and die because of His love for mankind! What an amazing Father we have! What an amazing example of humility and obedience we have in His Son!

Deaf Olympics, Bulgaria 2013 – Thank you for your prayers during my travels! From July 22 – August 9, Silent Word Ministries International took a team of 27 people to evangelize during the Olympic Games in Bulgaria. We were able to give out thousands of Gospel DVDS and tracts, and twelve people made professions of faith in Christ! I wish you could have seen the thousands of deaf people gathered in one place from all around the world. Many, so many, are lost and dying and on their way to Hell. When I think of the times we were able to share the Gospel and give out literature, I rejoice knowing His Word will return bearing fruit! Thank you for giving to this outreach and for praying for our team!

Romania – Before joining the SWMI team in Bulgaria, I traveled in Romania for a month revisiting two churches there. It was a good time of fellowship with local missionaries, and I was able to gather more information in preparation for my return to Romania. Lord willing, I will be working with the Deaf alongside the Tim Tyler family, BIMI missionaries in Timisoara, Romania. I will attend language school in Timisoara as well. With a population of over 300,000, Timisoara is Romania’s third largest city. Some have estimated there are 350 – 500 deaf people living in and around the city. Who, I wonder, will reach the many other Deaf spread across Romania? I am praying that God will burden more families, couples, and singles for Romania and its people.

Deputation – It has been a real joy and blessing to meet so many of God’s faithful people in different churches! Here is a list of my upcoming meetings. Please pray for me as I present and challenge for missions.

  • Grace Baptist Church in Zachary, Louisiana, with Pastor Tom Schreeder (Missions Conference)
  • Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina (Representing SWMI – Missions Emphasis Week)
  • Ambassador Baptist College in Lattimore, North Carolina (Representing SWMI – Missions Conference)

Praises – This month two more churches took me on for support! Also my need for a new computer was met by a supporter!
Needs – If I were Paul living in Bible times, I would say that I need a new camel for traveling. Yes, I am in need of a better vehicle for deputation. I am praying about this need and waiting on God to supply! Would you please join me in prayer for a trustworthy vehicle? Funds received to date for a vehicle are $830. Gifts should be designated “Nicole Condra – Vehicle” and sent to Silent Word Ministries, PO Box 889, Trenton, GA 30752.

Thank you for partnering with me to reach deaf souls for Christ!
Through His Grace,

Nicole Condra
Isaiah 26:9