Prayer Letter – Sept / Oct 2015

Dear Friends,

What a blessing it is to have you as supporters! Thank you for the prayers, kind messages, thoughtful gifts, and phone calls to check and see how things are going! I am blessed and so thankful to God for the things He is doing during this time of deputation!

My Romanian Church Family – It is exciting to hear that the church in Timisoara, Romania, continues to grow in the Lord and in number! Two new families have joined the church, and visitors continue to come either for church or for the monthly Christian Children’s Club. I look forward to being able to join them and start a deaf ministry outreach! Please continue to pray with me that God will prepare the Deaf of Romania to receive His Word.

God’s Provision – In the past few months, God has provided for the ministry in so many ways! As a missionary, making good contact with local churches and pastors is an important part of raising support. Recently a pastor, after hearing my testimony about the Deaf in Romania, took some of my prayer cards and said that he would contact leaders he knows and help me connect with potential supporters. Another gentleman has done this for me also! I appreciate them both for giving of time and resources! In one church in Alabama, two ladies came to me and said they would each start supporting me every month. In many small things, I have seen God give and give again! One person bought a new atlas for my trips, filled my car up with gas, and bought me two quarts of oil. In one home, the daughter of the family packed me a lunch which was so nice since I miss homemade food while I travel. It is a marvel to me that the God of the universe concerns Himself with us in such detailed and loving ways. One day during Child Evangelism Fellowship Camp I found a bag of chocolates and money resting up against my door. I do not know who did it. At that same camp, the children raised $200 for me to buy gospel tracts! Besides all these kind acts of service, I have seen Christians spend time praying for the pre-field needs of this ministry and for me personally! Who prompts their hearts to pray, or give, or serve? How thankful I am for the God we have!

Update On My Deputation Vehicle – I have to this date received most of the funds needed to purchase a better vehicle, and only $1,200 remains of the goal suggested to me by my board. I am in the process of looking for a vehicle right now and will give an update in my next prayer letter. Thank you to all who gave!

Prayer Request – One prayer request that I am in constant need of is wisdom from God for the work He has called me to. Would you please pray for me to have a sensitivity to His Spirit when I am ministering and also when I am studying His Word?

Praises :

  • Three new supporting churches have taken me on for support!
  • My support level is now at 31 percent.
  • Two children made professions of faith in Christ at Child Evangelism Camp!

Nicole Condra