Prayer Letters

Prayer Letter Update – Sept / Oct 2014

Dear Friends,

How wonderful it is to wake up each morning and know that we serve the living Savior! Just as wonderful is the knowledge that His Holy Spirit is inside, will never leave, and will lead in all truth! I am so thankful to be a Christian!

Recently, while flying from Dallas to Seattle, I met a young woman from India. We began talking about life and eventually about God. She shared with me about the heartache of her recent divorce. She also spoke of her struggles to cope with seven miscarriages she had experienced while married. At the end of our conversation, she reached for my hand and asked for prayer. I prayed that she and her former husband would come to know Christ as Lord and Savior and that God would work in her life during this difficult time. At the end of the prayer, she smiled and thanked me. As I think of this Indian lady, I marvel at all the people in this world who need to see Christ alive in His people! Are we not called to be salt and light? Who will we touch today with God’s love and truth?

Deputation: Praise the Lord for four new supporting churches: Canaan Land Baptist (Trenton, Georgia), Macedonia Missionary Baptist (South Pittsburg, Tennessee), Bible Baptist Church (Fairbanks, Alaska), and Suck Creek Baptist (Chattanooga, Tennessee)! Recent travels have taken me to Georgia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alaska, and Missouri. In Philadelphia, I was the missionary speaker for a Child Evangelism Fellowship camp! What a challenge and joy to speak to these children! One little boy named Malcom came every day with new questions about deaf people. He was eager to learn to “speak with his hands.” I wish I could have stayed and worked longer with him. There are millions of deaf around the world who do not know about Jesus because they have never “heard”! They need little boys, like Malcom, or men and women who are willing to learn their sign language and go tell them of the Lord of lords!

While in Alaska, I went with friends to visit missionaries in the small Eskimo village of Selawik. We helped with a youth night and also presented missions in the local church. Selawik’s population is only about one thousand, but I did meet one deaf girl named Trinity. She did not know Sign Language but could read lips a little. I noticed that she was interested in seeing my pictures of deaf children from Romania. Can you imagine what she must have thought or felt knowing there were many other children who were just like her? Trinity probably lives in a very confusing and lonely world. Who will reach her with the love of God? Please pray with me for Trinity’s salvation and for the many other deaf who have no gospel witness.

A few weeks ago I was in St. Louis at a missions conference in a deaf church! I was able to present missions, teach Sunday School, spend time counseling one deaf woman, and present the gospel to an older deaf woman who was not saved.

There is much more I could say, but I will end by saying thanks to all of you who intercede before the Father on my behalf and who lovingly give to help make this work possible! I am so blessed to have you on the team!

Because of Him,

Nicole Condra

Praises: My support level is now at 21%.

Prayer: My car fund is at 3,680. I still need to raise the remaining 6,320. Lord willing I will purchase a car soon!


Prayer Letter Update – May / June 2014

Dear Friends,

Recently I read a story written by Corrie Ten Boom. It was about an old Russian woman who, because of multiple sclerosis, only had mobility in an arm and one gnarled, deformed finger. She used that one finger to type out translations of Scripture and other Christian literature for Christian brothers and sisters in Communist Russia. Each morning her husband would prop her up with pillows so she would not fall over. Then she would set to work slowly typing on an old black typewriter. Early one morning the woman slipped into eternity. Her husband related how she had been up typing till midnight! Can you imagine her sitting there using that one finger for the glory of God up until the very last?! What must it have been like for her to wake up in heaven and see God’s face? After reading this story, I thanked God for all He has given to me. Oh, to be more like that woman who used her very best for His glory!

Deputation – Thank you all for your prayers for me during deputation! These past few months I took part in four mission conferences and spoke in several churches. Praise the Lord for three new supporting churches, Cross Roads Baptist Church in Whitwell, Tennessee, Calvary Baptist Church in Trenton, Georgia, and Way Of The Cross Baptist Church in Dunlap, Tennessee.

Millie The Deaf Woman – During my deputation travels I met a 75-year-old deaf woman named Millie. She lives about an hour from my home. I have been to her house on multiple occasions and have had the chance to teach her about God and the Bible. She has yet to trust Christ, but praise the Lord she is learning each time I go. Please pray with me for her salvation!

One Of My Favorite Things – One of the things I enjoy most about deputation is the chance to meet Christian young people and to come alongside them for a short time of fellowship, prayer and encouragement in God’s Word. How thankful I am for God’s Word! It has such power to set free from Satan’s lies, to comfort in time of trouble, to give peace, to change hearts!

A Sinner, A Savior, A Seed – Recently while flying from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Chattanooga, Tennessee, I sat on the plane next to a young lawyer. She and I struck up a conversation. After questions about her life and job, I shared a little bit about what I do as a missionary. I could tell the subject of God was not a comfortable topic for her, but I gave a Gospel tract and just sat next to her inwardly praying. Many times I meet people who are hardened towards Christ, but what an opportunity to touch a soul for eternity through seed given and prayers raised heavenward! How thankful I am that someone reached me with the Gospel when I was a lost sinner!

Thank you for praying for me while I continue to schedule meetings and raise support for my mission work in Romania! The Lord has been so good, providing daily! At one conference a missionary child gave me $30 of her own money. That sacrificial gift touched my heart! God is working through that young life to carry out the Great Commission!

By His Grace,
Nicole Condra

Serving with Silent Word Ministries International
PO Box 889
Trenton, GA 30752


Prayer Letter Update – Jan / Feb 2014

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your care and prayers during 2013. God has been so good! As I consider goals and plans for 2014, I also consider key foundations that God laid down for Adam and Eve long, long ago. These foundations are vital pursuits and godly disciplines even today!

  • God gave Adam a HOME in the garden. – Genesis 2:8

  • He gave Adam good HEALTHY FOOD. – Genesis 2:9

  • He gave Adam WORK tending the garden. – Genesis 2:15

  • Almighty God set a pattern for REST by resting on the seventh day. – Genesis 2:2

  • God provided COMPANIONSHIP / FELLOWSHIP within marriage. – Genesis 2:20 I think also of Christian fellowship as mentioned in Hebrews, “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together…”

  • God set BOUNDARIES / GOD’S WORD concerning the forbidden fruit. – Genesis 2:17

  • God pursued PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with man and woman. Genesis 3:8,9

  • God gave a COMMAND TO REPRODUCE. – Genesis 1:28 We are also commanded to multiply in another way. “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you…” – Matthew 28:19,20

If any of these foundations are missed, God’s best is missed. So this year I pray that my life, and others’ lives, might be built on these God-given foundations!

Deputation – Praise the Lord for some great mission conferences! Thank you for your prayers! In one meeting there was a young woman who surrendered to full-time missions with the deaf. Who knows what God will do in and with that one life. Over the next few months, I will focus deputation in the Marion County area of Tennessee and in other neighboring areas. Please pray with me for people to grow in God’s Word, for lives to surrender for missions and for support to increase.

Missions Recruiting – Recruiting for SWMI at a couple of Christian colleges was an exciting time for me. Talking to young people about their walk with God and sharing about missions brings such joy to my heart! On several occasions I spoke with young women who honestly and openly shared with me their challenges and discouragements. Each opportunity to listen and talk was also an opportunity to focus on Biblical truth and pray together. How grateful I am for God’s Word which remains powerful and unchanged from generation to generation!

Praises – My vehicle fund continues to grow with $1,180 received to date. Thank you to all who have given!

Truly I have much to be thankful for! Please continue to pray for the country of Romania and its people, both hearing and deaf. I believe God is doing and will do a great work there!

By His Grace,

Nicole Condra

Prayer Letter Update – Sept / Oct 2013 

Dear Friends,

Today I read in Matthew about Jesus feeding over 5,000 people with only five loaves and two fishes. This is a familiar story, but still I marvel at what Christ did with just a little bit of food! It made me think of what God could do with just one yielded person. I would like very much to be like that bread, broken and shared to meet the needs of people and give glory to God!

Ministry Update:

December 31 – January 2 Attended Vision Baptist Missions “Witness” Summit for a time of refreshing and missions emphasis!

January 13 – Presented my ministry to the Deaf at Parkview Baptist Church in Livonia, Michigan (Pastor Steve Brown). I enjoyed speaking to the Deaf about missions. The time of fellowship afterward was a good reminder of how important Christian fellowship is as an encouragement to the Body of Christ.

January 21-25 – Taught SWM’s Community Sign Language Class. There was a unique mix of students from all different backgrounds. It was enjoyable teaching and also sharing the Gospel. It is easy to see each student as a mission field.

February & March – Worked on ministry in and around Trenton.

April 10-14 – Presented my ministry in a mission conference at Harvest Deaf Baptist Church, Ringgold, Georgia (Pastor Reggie Rempel).

April 29 – May 3 – Will teach one week of Beginner Sign Language Class at New Hope Independent Baptist Church in Spring City, Tennessee (Pastor Steve Hensley).

Deaf Olympics – The worldwide Deaf Olympics in Bulgaria are just three months away! Silent Word Ministries International will be taking a team to witness and pass out tracts. I am excited thinking of all the Deaf that will be there from around the world! However, before joining the SWMI team in Bulgaria I will be visiting churches and missionaries in Romania. Please pray for me! I continue to bring Romania and its people before the Lord in prayer. I truly believe He will do great things for His name among the Deaf there! The total need for my mission trip is $4,600. Please pray about investing in this ministry. Gifts may be sent to Silent Word Ministries, PO Box 889, Trenton, GA, and designated, “Nicole Condra – Mission Trip.”

Thank you so much for investing in this ministry!

Because of Him,

Nicole Condra